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Independent Local Network of Physicians
San Diego Physicians Medical Group/Scripps Physicians Medical Group (SDPMG ) is dedicated to serving your health care needs.  Our independent network of over 450 primary care and specialty physicians live and practice medicine in your community.  Our local doctors take your health care needs personally.  Accessible and responsive to patients, we have been treating families in San Diego for Generations. 

When you choose a physician from our network, you can be assured that your good health is our primary concern.  Local physicians make all health care and business decisions for the network.  We are independent and focused on quality care and responsive service for each patient.  Good health care is our bottom line.

Referrals to Specialists
Your Primary Care Physician can refer you directly to many participating specialists for an initial consultation.  That means that you do not have to wait for an authorization if your doctor believes that you need to see a specialist.  We deliver quality care in a timely manner with a minimum of paperwork – and no delays.  Your local doctor is focused on making sure that you receive the health care services you need.

Wellness Programs
The San Diego Physicians Medical Group/Scripps Physicians Medical Group works with participating major health plans to provide you with the information and services you need to stay healthy.  In addition to your health plan, many of our physicians offer wellness programs and fitness resources in their offices.

Putting the Patient First
Quality patient care is the first priority of San Diego Physicians Medical Group/Scripps Physicians Medical Group .  You can request information about the Quality Management Program. As physicians, we make care decisions based on our patient’s needs.  A members of your local community, we are dedicated to treating our neighbors with respect and improving the health of our community.